MacPaw Internship 2019
Test assignment for Product management Internship
by Nataliia Nikitiuk
People would like to share learning progress, not only learning results
Competition with friends and other people motivates people to continue learning harder
Make learning the same trend as running became in recent years.
Mobile application for tracking and sharing learning progress as well as for gamified competing with other learners.
Core value features
Track learning progress
Set goals and track time/pages/chapters etc.
Share learning progress
in social networks via pretty, automatically generated infographics
Compare own progress
with other people's progress (ratings, badges)
a friend or a group of people to learn something or to prove their knowledge
Marketing plan
for the validation period (first Q)
Conducting qualitative and quantitative interviews in order to check hypotheses or/and find other insights. Analysis of competitors.
Cheapest and quick validation
Fake landing pages / Explainer videos or others methods
Creation of materials
for acquiring first users – emails / creatives for ads / Quora or Reddit posts etc.
of acquisition channels and creatives
Analyzing results
and updating plan for next months
Examples of marketing activities
Just a few ideas of how we can check hypothesis and get initial users.
Click on the image to see tracked metrics.
SWOT strategies
to make use of Opportunities through Strengths
  1. Integrate app with MOOC platforms in order to get all data about user progress with online courses via API
  2. Create referral program that use sharing of learning progress feature
to prevent Threats through Strengths
  1. Create own "learning news feed" or ratings in the app and other ways to see competition inside the app, not only in external social networks
  2. Create maximally convenient user experience similar to those in fitness tracking apps
to make use of Opportunities to minimize Weaknesses
Build an app which will help to boost existing tools but won't compete with them (easy to share progress in social networks, not only inside the app, include the link to courses in shares, not only link to our app, etc.) - become an integrator for other tools.
to minimize the potential dangers laying in sectors where Weaknesses meet Threats
  1. Create own online courses or challenges
  2. Generate a lot of free useful content with access only inside an app
Monetization model
of the future app consists of several parts
for basic features (track and share learning progress)
Paid features
as a subscription (contest creation & competitive analytics features)
Affiliate programs
with online courses / online book shops:
  • recommendations within the app
  • links to courses/stores via shares in social networks (as an option for a user)
Branded contests for business
(pay per usage or unlimited subscription) with detailed analytics and users contacts (for finding employees/interns)
Required team for 1st Q
Product manager/analyst
For analyzing market/competitors, conducting potential customers' interviews, formulating/validating hypotheses & requirements for an app, developing monetization system.
Product marketing manager
Formulation and execution of initial marketing strategy, including acquirement of first users and finding working channels
UX/UI Designer
Quick prototyping and building designs for the first versions of the app
iOS developer
Backend / Full Stack developer

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